We Are Currently Not Accepting New HFM Zone Members Until 2024


Harrisonville Family Medicine is proud to be one of the largest private medical practices in the Kansas City metro area—but we don’t act ‘big.’ In fact, we are personally committed to your care, concentrating on not just illness … but wellness. That’s why we offer The HFM Zone, a one-year program focused on your ongoing health, fitness and motivation.


When you come to The HFM Zone, we assess your current lifestyle (think exercise, diet, and stress level) then work to prevent or naturally address through functional medicine, the serious chronic illness that are more common as we age (like heart disease, diabetes, autoimmune disease and cancer). We set individual goals together, and we work on reaching those goals together.

We’re not just Harrisonville Family Medicine.

We’re also Harrisonville Functional Medicine.

The Functional Medicine approach is a patient-centered, science-based model, where patients and practitioners work together to uncover the root cause of disease and restore health, rather than waiting to treat the symptoms. By gaining a detailed understanding of each patient’s nutritional, biochemical and lifestyle factors, we can use highly individual data to create personalized treatment plans.

Simply put, we determine the “how” and the “why” illness occurs, rather than waiting until “when” a patient falls ill. When you consider that 50% of adults have at least one chronic health condition, and 25% of adults have two or more, this approach to medicine is more important than ever.